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In 2009 I was viewing an apartment and entered into a nice entrance hall. From this lovely welcoming entrance, I came to an ugly orange and dirty elevator. With my background as an interior designer, I came to the realization that you judge a property very quickly just by seeing the elevator.

During this period, I was renting an office space at a company that specialised in wrapping vehicles and realised that if you could wrap cars you should be able to just as easily wrap an elevator. Despite the ugly elevator, I still bought the apartment and persuaded the board to refresh the elevators, which was very warmly received by my new neighbours. It was then I realized that there was a market to quickly and easily give an elevator a facelift and started Hissdesign.

Hissdesign has grown since 2009 and now we are a close organization that can handle both large and small projects. Our ambition is to create an enjoyable journey from project start all the way to final inspection with the customer. Personal service, flexible solutions and stylish designs are an important part of our company values. / Katarina Andersson, Owner and CEO

Katarina Andersson


Åsa Andersson

Project manager

Sofia Palm

Interior architect

Ulf Bitting

Sales manager

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Daniel Karlsson

Project manager

Hissdesign was established in 2009 and is today’s market leader in elevator wrapping. Hissdesign uses a unique process which does not require the elevator to be stripped or dismantled.

It is a cost-effective method which does not affect the weight nor the wall panels.

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