Protective Covers

Hissdesign’s Elevator Covers protect your elevator walls from damage during transporting of bulky goods, house moving and building renovation. We offer custom-made drapes, which will guarantee you a perfect fit. They are quick and easy to install using pre-positioned wall fixtures. In front of the control panel there is a sturdy transparent PVC, which can be removed so that the cover can be washed if necessary. Each set of drapes are easily folded and comes with a storage bag.

Optimize with your company name

Choose from a range of colours which best compliments your interior or company brand, made of durable fabric. We can also print your logotype to market your company further.

Hissdesign was established in 2009 and is today’s market leader in elevator wrapping. Hissdesign uses a unique process which does not require the elevator to be stripped or dismantled.

It is a cost-effective method which does not affect the weight nor the wall panels.

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